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Previous Sport: 

Swimming & Wrestling



Strength and Conditioning Coach since 2021

CrossFit coach since 2023

CrossFit training since 2023






Bringing a scientific approach to training and making modifications for strength based movements.


About Bekah

My Favorite Moments as a Coach:

Seeing the training style or programming click in athlete’s minds as they gain understanding in WHY it works. 

Watching confidence grow as athletes become comfortable in the atmosphere and while lifting heavier weights brings me joy.


My Favorite Movements:

I love strength movements, but Front Squats and Bench Press are my favorites. I also enjoy working on skills that I find challenging such as toes to bar, pull-ups, and other gymnastics movements.


Why do I Coach:

I love building relationships with the athletes that I coach, and getting to know how their minds work. Understanding this allows me to coach and encourage them in the best way to help them succeed.


Getting Started in CrossFit:

I tried CrossFit in the past at other gyms, but my first real experience was at Align/Thrive. No other gym pulled me in like the community and mentorship at Align/Thrive has.


Why do I CrossFit:

I stuck with CrossFit due to the atmosphere, continual challenges, and the people. I love the other coaches and athletes that I train with. I also love having accountability, not just for workouts, but also regarding my nutrition and rest. The community has been a positive area in my life that I needed, but never expected.

Other Job(s):

Strength and Conditioning Coach at Liberty University for Club Sports.

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