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What is a Box Hop?

Teams (M/M or F/F) will travel to each of the three gyms and will perform ONE workout at each (for a total of 3 workouts). 
Following workout 3, athletes will have a chance to hang out, play some games, and enjoy a meal together.

Is this a competition?

No! This is just for fun!
There will be no judges (though we do ask that you perform your best reps!).
You may even see some athletes participating in costumes!
(Costumes are recommended but not required, though there will be prizes for the best dressed!)


Who are you raising money for?

All proceeds and donations are going to Operation H.O.M.E., a non-profit that raises money to help soldiers travel home for the holidays.

The Central VA Box Hop is back for 2023!

Saturday Nov 11

• Three gyms 
• Three workouts
• Two divisions
• Two person teams
• One fun event to raise money for Operation H.O.M.E.


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