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Athletes at Align Athletics weightlifting




About Us


It is in a growth environment that we are able to thrive. We want to foster a setting where, not only can our members grow, but also our coaches, facility, and community.

Class at Align Athletics being coached on medicine ball movements for workout
Female from Align Athletics showing strength and muscle while performing gymnastics movement called ring muscle up

Reputable fitness regiment encompassing all domains of fitness, capable of improving all fitness levels.

60 minutes

Coaches from Align Athletics doing sandbag squats in functional fitness competition. Personal Training.

A highly structured dynamic program designed specifically to meet each individual's goals while adhering to the core tenets of human performance.

Align Athletics uses Kettlebells an Dumbbell in Align 30 class to build muscle and strength through bodybuilding

Short and effective workout designed to strengthen and tone.

30 minutes

• Constantly varied

• Strength

• Gymnastics

• Olympic Weightlifting

• Conditioning

• Community

Prerequisite: Foundations Class or Test out during pre-arranged one-on-one.

• Personal training

• Improve gymnastics skills

• Agility

• Build strength

• Increase power

• Refine Olympic lifting technique

• Aesthetics

• Sports Performance

• Build muscle

• Quick and convenient

• Minimal weight

• Cardiovascular fitness

• No experience needed

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