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Frequently asked questions






Q: Where are you located?

A: We are at the intersection of 460 and Turkey Foot. We are the warehouse inside of the fence, behind Hill City Music Repair.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Dress in clothes that you are comfortable in but can move well and athletic shoes. We recommend bringing a water bottle as well.


Q: Do you have a kids area?

A: We are working to have an area to contain kids soon. In the meantime, your child is welcome as long as they can sit to the side during class. We suggest bringing a tablet, books, etc to keep them entertained.

Q: I have no experience with a barbell. I feel like CrossFit is over my head.

A: For this very reason, we offer (and require) our Thrive 360 sessions with one of our qualified coaches once you have signed up for a membership. We want you to feel safe and confident when you come to class!

Q: How do I get in shape for CrossFit?

A: Everybody feels this way but we can promise you that our coaches will meet you where you are! All workouts and movements can be changed to the level that you need.

Q: Is prior experience needed?

A: No! Come as you are! Our A30 classes were created to allow those with minimal experience to jump right in.

Q: My schedule is busy but I still want a good workout.

A: Align 30 is perfect for you! As with both of our group classes, the workout is as easy or as hard as you want to make it. Just because this class is only 1/2 hour long does not mean you are only getting 1/2 a workout!

Q: I have never done a group fitness class. What should I expect?

 A: This 30 minute class packs a lot into a short time. You will receive a short warm-up, strength work to tone/build muscle, and core/cardio depending on the days programming.

Q: What type of clients do you work with?

A: All types!

• We work with older clients that simply wish to improve their balance, strength, coordination, and reflexes.

• We work with youth to improve within their sport. We can also do small group sessions with teammates.

• We work with CrossFit athletes looking to improve their weightlifting, gymnastics, etc.

Align Athletics Home of CrossFit Thrive - 20442 Lynchburg HWY WH2 Lynchburg VA 24502

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