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Blacklisted Athlete Camp

JAN 16/17 2021 


About the Camp:  $75 for the weekend.

• The event will consist of two days of training lead by Kyle Spears, with two workouts in the morning, a break for lunch, and then a final workout of the day in the afternoon.

• This is for all levels of competitors beginner/scaled to competitor/RX. 

• Train with like-minded athletes, be pushed by those around you, and learn what you are capable of.

About the Coach: Kyle Spears with Blacklisted HQ (based in Georgia) has been coaching for 10 years and has coached individuals on Crossfit Games teams, individual regional and sanctional competitions, as well as multiple regional and sanctional teams.

He is USAW Sports Performance certified and holds his CF Level 2.

Blacklisted Education

JAN 15 2021 


About the event:  $35 for ~ 2 hours.

• This event will consist of practical application of:


Bracing properly to lift 

Breathing while lifting/moving

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