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CrossFit coach since 2023

CrossFit training since 2019






Modifying a workout to best fit the athlete's needs no matter where they are in their health, wellness, and strength journey.

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About Kacey

My Favorite Movements to Coach:

Cleans are my favorite to coach because it is a technical movement that can feel overwhelming at first to learn. Being able to coach athletes through breaking it down to manageable movements, and seeing them realize that minor changes over time can result in a huge progress towards the overall outcome is extremely rewarding.


My Favorite Movements:

I love handstand walks. I have put in so much work over the past few months and it is cool to see that paying off.


Why do I Coach:

I love seeing the mental growth athletes have in conjunction with their physical gains.


Getting Started in CrossFit:

A friend invited me to try CrossFit with her after I expressed an interest in seeing how strong I have actually become. Having zero background in strength training, I was extremely nervous and would only attend classes if she would be there as well. The feeling of anxiousness before workouts gradually went away as I gained understanding and connection with the community.


Why do I CrossFit:

I have continued to stick with CrossFit due to the structured programming, community, and the opportunity to compete. I never get bored with it because I am constantly being challenged to work on my weaknesses or new skills. And while I've seen how it has physically benefitted me (hyper mobile dancer), CrossFit has mentally challenged me as well and I have been able to overcome the hard things a bit easier.

Other Job(s):

Full time Photographer

Part time Dance Teacher & Choreographer

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